Brother Wild is made up of Seth and Crystal Dady. The couple met in their home state of Texas in 2000, but did not explore their musical partnership until after being married for over a decade. After starting a family and putting down some roots in Boulder, Colorado, a new season of life brought about inspiration and an untapped creative connection between them ignited. In the fall of 2015, Seth and Crystal began writing honest songs that had become their life stories, reflecting years of love, marriage, family and their faith. A winter spent in their home studio gave life to those songs through the debut album White Flag, which released March 1st, 2016.  

The couple have since relocated to Raleigh, NC, and are focused on writing to follow up to their strong debut effort. Stay tuned for more.


"White Flag is an Americana record that is both catchy and earnest. The band puts forth hook-heavy songwriting, complete with jangly guitars and soft touch harmonies. The whole album wears its heart on its sleeve...'Gravity' features all the right touches of spacey slide guitar and takes its time in both composition and lyrics. 'Leave It All Behind' is a classic pop-Americana track, catchy and toe-tapping from first click until its end..."

- Zach Dahman, Bolder Beat

"Brother Wild has come to embrace its Americana roots showing a balanced view and dichotomy
with White Flag..." 

- Brian F. Johnson, The Marquee Magazine

“'House Fire' and 'Gravity' are heartbreakingly and beautifully written acoustic ballads...It has the lyrical wisdom of someone who’s walked a hard road with music that captures that weird mix of weary perspective and contentment that only comes with age...Listening to it encapsulates those times that are so hard and somehow so beautiful that all you can do is hold your lover’s hand and wait it out..."

- Isaac Karner, Flannel Graph

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